Thursday, 25 April 2013

Watch Karz (1980) on Videoweed Free

Watch Karz (1980) on Videoweed , online and free. This is actually a awesome movies. It was directed by Subhash Ghai and played by some good actors/actresses including Abha Dhulia,Durga Khote,Iftekhar,Jalal Agha,Pinchoo Kapoor. Movie story is Sir Juda plans to take over the vast estate of Ranimaa, but finds out that the beneficiary is her son, Ravi Verma. He asks Ravi's girlfriend to marry him, and then have him killed accidentally, which she does. This devastates Ranimaa, and leaves the estate open for Sir Juda to take over. Years later, Monty Oberoi, who is a popular singer, surfaces into this story. He has visions of a murder taking place, and is unable to comprehend the meaning of these visions. His travesl take him to Ranimaa's estate, and it is then that he realizes the reason and motive of his birth. . Running time : 159 minutes. Nice! .

Duration (minutes): 159
Movie director: Subhash Ghai
Released on : 1980-06-11
Studio: Rajshri Media
MPAA Rating:

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watch Karz (1980) on videoweed.

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